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Have questions about becoming a patient at Matriarch Health & Wellness? Wonder if we would be a good fit for each other? Me too! Schedule a FREE 15 minute Good Fit Phone Consultation below and we can review  what you are experiencing, what you think might be going on, and how my Functional Medicine approach could be beneficial.


New Patient Visits

Once we have determined we are a good fit, I will help you set up your first visit.

Our initial visit together lasts 90 minutes and will include a deep dive into your Health Story. We can use our time together most efficiently if you are able to fill out all of the necessary (online) paperwork and return it back to me at least a few days before your first appointment. This allows me time to review all of the juicy details and start some strategic planning. After scheduling, watch your email for a link to your ChARM electronic health record portal.

Schedule Your FREE Good Fit Phone Consultation