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ChARM is the electronic health portal I use to track your progress and the messaging system we use to have HIPAA-compliant communication. Click here to go to your login-page.


Other Helpful Links


Please use the following links to learn about recommended products or services. Yes, sometimes I receive a small commission when you click on these pages and buy things. It helps keep Matriarch Health & Wellness afloat!


Avocado organic mattresses


Berkey Water Filter Systems – use code MATRIARCH10 to save 10% off your order.


Force of Nature safe, natural disinfectant. Use code CLEANSAFE40 to save $40 off a Starter Kit and free shipping.


Fullscript Dispensary for supplements – 15% off and free S+H on orders > $49


Gethealthy.store for Restore, Megasporebiotic, ProLon, Saunaspace Infrared Sauna, Austin Air filters, Heartmath, and Purity Coffee. Use coupon code MHW10 to receive 10% off your order. 


Greenwave Dirty Electricity Filters


Lauricidin – order high-potency monolaurin (coconut-derived lauric acid) here.


Thrive Market – use this link to save 25% off your first order.


Vital Plan or Vital Plan Select for organic CBD products. Use code MATRIARCH15 to save 15% your order.



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