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From mass media to mother-in-laws, everyone has a recommendation about WHAT we should be eating: Paleo/Ancestral, Mediterranean, Ketogenic, Vegetarian, etc. Many of these opinions seem to be conflicting. However, along with staying well-hydrated, buying organic...

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Your HealthCAIRN

I bring piles of special stones home from my favorite places – red sandstone from the southern Utah desert, smooth round flat ones from the coast of Oregon. If I forgot a bag or can’t talk anyone into carrying them for me then I take pictures of the piles. If there...

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“I can’t wait to go Gluten Free!” said no one ever.

So a little bird told you that gluten might be bad. Ok, maybe it was more than a little bird, maybe it was a big squawking all around - your friend, your sibling, your coworker or your favorite super star famous person. Everyone seems to be going gluten-free. But you...

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