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Ready to start feeling better but not sure where to start?

Looking for a health care provider who listens and really gets it? At Matriarch Health & Wellness, I can meet you where you are in life and help you get to where you’d like to be on your Journey to Wellness.

Update: Telemedicine Visits available for Utah and Idaho residents!

Why Matriarch

Health & Wellness?

Matriarchs are the glue that holds families, work, and communities together. Some would argue that we even make the world go ’round! However, while caring for others, we often neglect our own self-care or it just gets lost in the shuffle. Or, we seek medical help but our symptoms are disregarded as “just getting older” or being “stressed.” But something just doesn’t feel right! Is this REALLY how the rest of life will be?

My goal with each patient is to review your Life’s Health Story, your goals for the future, and then plan the necessary steps for how to get there!

This process is a partnership, a side-by-side journey for both of us. It usually requires your blood, sweat, and tears (and probably some stool, urine, and/or saliva for specialty laboratory testing too).

Let’s combine my years of experience caring for Matriarchs of all ages and your willingness to work hard to attain your wildest dreams of health and wellness and get busy!

What Makes Matriarch Health & Wellness Different?

Matriarch Health & Wellness was created with YOU in mind: The Matriarch who provides love and support for your tribe.

But Matriarchs need love and support too!

The Matriarch Health & Wellness Approach to Feeling Better

Self-care is not selfish. Find out more about “Trickle Down Wellness” as a model for a healthier world.

Functional Medicine for Matriarchs

Functional Medicine is WHY medicine – uncovering the root cause of symptoms and creating an action plan to move forward.



From mass media to mother-in-laws, everyone has a recommendation about WHAT we should be eating: Paleo/Ancestral, Mediterranean, Ketogenic, Vegetarian, etc. Many of these opinions seem to be conflicting. However, along with staying well-hydrated, buying organic...

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Your HealthCAIRN

Your HealthCAIRN

I bring piles of special stones home from my favorite places – red sandstone from the southern Utah desert, smooth round flat ones from the coast of Oregon. If I forgot a bag or can’t talk anyone into carrying them for me then I take pictures of the piles. If there...

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“I can’t wait to go Gluten Free!” said no one ever.

“I can’t wait to go Gluten Free!” said no one ever.

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